Apr 14 , 2019

Featured Artist on AsiaHues: Darren Tynan

“As a photographer, I am a hunter and an archaeologist, searching through disintegrating video br...

Apr 05 , 2019

Heri Purwanto: Yin Yang

In collaboration with The Hummingbird Cafe, AsiaHues is thrilled to present Heri Purwanto: Yin Ya...

Mar 01 , 2019

Đoàn Xuân Tặng: Hoài Niệm | Resonance

Asiahues and Soma Art Lounge are thrilled to present artist Đoàn Xuân Tặng's latest works in Hoài...

Jan 18 , 2019


AsiaHues is on the way to One Art Taipei 2019! One Art Taipei 2019 is an international hotel art...

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Dec 06 , 2018

More about The Artist: Phan Dinh Khanh

As our new exhibition Phan Dinh Khanh: Mờ Ơ Mơ | Blurreddreamed is coming in the next few weeks, ...

Nov 30 , 2018

Some Highlights at Art Kaohsiung 2018

We have arrived at Art Kaohsiung! The weather in the city is warm in the day and a bit chilly at ...

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