Some Highlights at Art Kaohsiung 2018

Some Highlights at Art Kaohsiung 2018

We have arrived at Art Kaohsiung! The weather in the city is warm in the day and a bit chilly at night, which is perfect for visiting the art fair right now. 

During our time there, we saw a few impressive booths from different galleries at the Pier-2 Art Center.

One of our favourite exhibits was Two Sides of The Medal at Vin Gallery from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The gallery represents artist Mahdi Abdullah - a significant figure in the Indonesian art scene. Mahdi has been well known for his realist works that depict the social realities that the artist has witnessed. They often focus on the life of so-called common people coming from Banda Aceh (also Mahdi’s hometown). One of his paintings that got our attention was Tamu (Guest) emphasises on the connection between a man and his animalistic nature. The work depicts a man with a butterfly resting on the tip of his finger. Meanwhile, a half-human, half- butterfly figure is touching the man’s shoulder behind his back.

Another booth that we thought it was quite interesting is Return to Universe by artist June June Wei from Dongli Gallery (Shanghai, China). It was an installation of paper cuts with extreme details in different forms of plants and wild animals. The artist was using this medium as way of meditation and healing her inner self.

“My current artworks are concerned with the concept of return and how it change every aspect of our lives. Sometimes we feel upset, anxiety and get hurt, then we gradually keep away our purest core. Listening to the sound of sea wave, feeling the touch of the wind, or gazing at beautiful animals, all these will make us feel relax, grateful and heal our broken heart.

Everyone has their own unique path to go back to inner calm.

For me, paper cutting is a way to return to the nature and to my universe.

Future depends on our choice now.”



There are still many more things that we saw but we haven’t mentioned here. We’ll keep you updated soon! In the meantime, you can come to City Suites in Kaohsiung. Our room 210 are ready to welcome you all! We have brought many artworks from different artists this time, from Karine Guillermin, Le Anh Can, Heri Purwanto and Elena Osuna. There are also some other surprises as well, such as Saeko Ando, Nguyen Quy Tam and Frenemy who recently became our represented artist!

Don’t hesitate to come see us! AsiaHues look forward to seeing you all!

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