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AsiaHues is on the way to One Art Taipei 2019!

One Art Taipei 2019 is an international hotel art fair which showcases artworks from noteworthy emerging artists and the finest collections from established masters. The fair is devoted to offering a global platform for galleries to connect with domestic and international collectors in the most optimal setting. With Taiwan well-known for its strong collector base in Asian art market, this will be one of the best occasions to have an exceptional fair experience with all the best artworks in one place. The fair will be divided into three sectors: Unlimited, Discovery and Media Art. The first section presents best modern and contemporary artworks from established artists while the second is all about emerging talents under age of 35. The final sector will exhibit artworks in any digital formats.

For this occasion, we have brought artist Karine Guillermin, Nathan Larson, Frenemy and Ngoc Nau who come from different countries with diverse experience and backgrounds. Each of the artists will present their own identity with a distinct and compelling style that can be seen through their works.

Karine Gullermin

Born in Villeurbanne, France, in 1975, Karine’s works are a mirror of her journey and experience of different cultures. Karine Guillermin has spent her creative life between France, Japan and now Vietnam. Her art is hypnotic and evocative, embracing an overarching sentiment that is articulated in the words of Rousseau, “beauty is the promise of happiness.” It can be seen that French expressiveness and Japanese-inspired detailing are embraced in her works, colliding as dreamy compositions: the petals of a large marshmallow flower, aquatic mollusks loitering in the air and a rainbow bursting into life. This time, Karine will present her latest works, including paintings and ceramic installations. 


 Utopianism #1 (L), Acrylic ink on canvas, Karine Guillermin


Nathan Larson

Nathan Larson is a Canadian born artist who moved to Saigon from South Korea in 2011. Nathan gained his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Nova Scotia College of Art and. Since his graduation, Nathan switched from photography to printmaking; he has experimented with different techniques while exploring different themes related to Vietnamese cultural and social conditions. Through aerial views of an urban district and portraits of city inhabitants, Nathan’s recent works intends to create a conversation about the concept of community, obstruction and acceptance.


 District 4 #4, silk screen and transfer on canvascanvas, Nathan Larson 



Frenemy is a freelance illustrator and graffiti/street artist from Austin, Texas currently based in Kuala Lumpur. A self-taught artist, learning most of what he knows artistically through almost 20 years of painting in the streets. His work is highly influenced by the Children's books and cartoons he loved as a child. Using watercolour and gouache, he paints bright colourful scenes with funny characters. The happy surreal world he creates often contrasts the very human themes of his work such as mental health, escapism, the search for belonging, and the harsh realities of his childhood.


Broken Homes Create Broken Homes, Gouache on watercolour paper, Frenemy 


Ngoc Nau

Ngoc Nau (born in 1989 in Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam) graduated from Vietnam Fine Art University , majoring in Art History and Criticism. She is currently working with various mediums such as video and performance using Depthkit software for Kinect - creating a new dimension for image in video. She also works with photographic light boxes, holograms and sculpture. By using these mediums and new technologies, Ngoc Nau’s works refer to how new media is shaping our view of the world while examining the current context of Vietnam’s development and chaos of contemporary culture.

She Dances For Desire, video art, Ngoc Nau 


To explore AsiaHues’s curated collection of artworks from these talented artists, please visit us at room 1627 of the Sherwood Taipei! We are waiting for you all and would be excited to show you our finest artworks!

If you can't come to the fair in person, do not worry since you can always visit us on our website

The fair is open to the public from 19 to 21 January 2019, from 12.00 to 20.00 pm. For more information about the fair, please click here to know about its upcoming events and activities!

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