Heri Purwanto: Yin Yang

Heri Purwanto: Yin Yang

In collaboration with The Hummingbird Cafe, AsiaHues is thrilled to present Heri Purwanto: Yin Yang from 5 April to 5 July 2019.

Heri Purwanto is an Indonesian artist of Javanese descent. Using the symbols of the cloud, the tree, and the little house, Purwanto approaches the complex subject of climate change and environmental degradation in a humorous way. Heri Purwanto has exhibited widely in the region through various exhibitions and art fairs, where his works are continually finding their way into private collections.
Amongst many of Heri Purwanto's paintings, you can see these little houses often holding their ground against the unbalanced positions they are in: sometimes residing on fleeting clouds, sometimes lying on top of the rock. It seems as if the small house that looks fragile is actually the most secure place. It's the place of refuge where aspirations and hopes still remain amongst complexities of life.


Village Under the Wind, Acrylic on canvas, 75 x 65cm

“When the earth is dead, shall we live in the clouds?”

Heri Purwanto muses the question as he paints little houses residing in the clouds, anchored to the barren earth only with strings and rocks. Only bare trees are left standing on the deserted land, amidst the beautiful horizon of surreal pastel colours. This is the playful way in which the artist approaches the dark topic of our irreversible climate change. The works engage with the viewers, as their dreamy compositions ask more than they answer - how do we imagine to live with the imbalance we have created in our own habitat?



For more information about Heri Purwanto: Yin Yang, check it out through our Facebook event or you can explore more of his works on our website.

Heri Purwanto: Yin Yang
5 April - 5 July 2019
The Hummingbird Cafe Saigon
5H Ton Duc Thang, District 1, HCM.

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