More about The Artist: Phan Dinh Khanh

More about The Artist: Phan Dinh Khanh

As our new exhibition Phan Dinh Khanh: Mờ Ơ Mơ | Blurreddreamed is coming in the next few weeks, we would like to share with you more information about emerging artist Phan Dinh Khanh who is known for his ambiguous photographs layered with images and colours.

Phan Dinh Khanh is a Vietnamese photographer and artist. Born and raised in Hue, his adoration for his hometown’s tranquility can be seen in his works - it comes from his surroundings, the people whom he meets, stories that he hears and places that he visits. Ịn his photos that resemble abstract paintings, traces of nostalgia can be seen through familiar sights of Vietnamese daily lives, from clustered electrical wires, blue plastic chairs to little streets and old apartments. The subjects seem rather intimate; they are close but not too close, distant but not so distant, just like pieces of memories flashing through one’s mind.

Through the exciting journeys with my camera, I realise everything around me, even when it just flashes by, is still a part of my memory. This way or another, these memories always push me to find my way back to the past, they appear like a painting then disappear so quickly, leaving me with the colour of memory. What motivates me to create this collection is the attraction of memory - emotions stored in images that are coldly defined by binary codes. Despite that, they carry their own mission, their own message and especially the affection that happened in that specific moment in our life.” - quoted from ArtPeople.

Phan Dinh Khanh was previously the winner of Tu Lap Young Talent 2017 - a national youth art prize in Vietnam with support from Asiarta Foundation. Dinh Khanh spent a month in Penang as a resident artist and had his works displayed in the exhibition ‘Fractured’ with other two visiting artists.


Artwork: Looking Through Memory 1, Phan Dinh Khanh, 2017

If you are curious about what work that Phan Dinh Khanh created, visit his upcoming exhibition at Soma Art Lounge in Ho Chi Minh City. In case you can’t, you can still have a look at his works here.

For attending the opening night of the show, please kindly RSVP to

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