Mờ Ơ Mơ | Blurreddreamed by Phan Dinh Khanh

Mờ Ơ Mơ | Blurreddreamed by Phan Dinh Khanh


We are excited to announce our upcoming showcase Mờ Ơ Mơ | Blurreddreamed by emerging artist Phan Dinh Khanh.

The exhibition Phan Dinh Khanh - Mờ Ơ Mơ | Blurreddreamed includes Dinh Khanh’s recent photographs which depict our vague and entangled remembrance, through layers of images and colours. The result is ambiguous yet discernable in their visualization of what is otherwise invisible - nostalgia, the passage of time, and the pathos that naturally occur in our lives.

At first sight, his photographs are nostalgic. Carrying sights of tangled electrical wires, and old apartments, they seem to be displaced from our rapid economic development. Yet, these occurrences persist in our so-called modern-day lives. With this realization, his romantic colour-bleeds suddenly become loud, chaotic and yet contained in close-up frames. Clusters of wires, cracked walls and fading colours tell us of a past, and of a view of the present and the future. When the supposed past continues to be entangled in the present, will we ever be released?

This event marks the collaboration between AsiaHues and Soma Art Lounge.

AsiaHues is a new online gallery, representing Asia's award-winning and emerging artists, unrestricted by a permanent physical space. Soma Art Lounge is an exciting venu for art, music, and other creative areas.

Join us for the private preview on Friday the 21st of December, 6.30pm. Please RSVP to jade@asiahues.com to be added to the guest list.

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