AsiaHues is Coming to Art Kaohsiung!

AsiaHues is Coming to Art Kaohsiung!


We are pleased to announce that we are participating in Art Kaohsiung this year!

Art Kaohsiung 2018 is the 6th edition of the international art fair that shows emerging artists and focuses on Asia art scene. It has attracted notable galleries around China, Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and even those from the States, gathering thousands of visitors as well as collectors.

For Art Kaohsiung, AsiaHues will bring various artworks from our emerging and established artists such as Karine Guillermin, Le Anh Can, Elena Osuna and Heri Purwanto who come from different backgrounds. In this blog, we would like to introduce these artists to you with more information:



Karine Guillermin


Karine Guillermin has spent her creative life between France, Japan and now Vietnam. Her art is hypnotic and evocative, embracing an overarching sentiment that is articulated in the words of Rousseau, “beauty is the promise of happiness.” It can be seen that French expressiveness and Japanese-inspired detailing are embraced in her works, colliding as dreamy compositions.


Artwork: Upopo O Hana Spirit #4 (M), acrylic and ink on canvas. 

Flower Field, acrylic on canvas, Le Anh Can


Le Anh Can


Coming from Vietnam, artist Le Anh Can has his own distinct style with impressive brushstrokes and romantic colour harmonies. His subjects are often ordinary things portrayed with affection and joy, varying from the vast landscape of his own country to the traditional dress of a young girl.


Artwork: Flower Field, acrylic on canvas. 

Village Under the Wind, acrylic on canvas, Heri Purwanto


Heri Purwanto


As one of our artists, Heri Purwanto is an Indonesian artist whose works reflect his perspective about complexities and problems in life expressed in the symbolic form of a house. Often appearing in different works, his house, sometimes floating on the cloud or standing tall on top of the rock, is like a little world - a place of refuge where various kinds of socialisation amongst its occupants take place.


Artwork: Village Under The Wind, acrylic on canvas.

July 2016 J, gouache on paper, Elena Osuna


Elena Osuna


Born in North Carolina, USA, Elena Osuna studied fine art with a focus on printmaking and book arts in both undergraduate and graduate schools. Since her studies she has concentrated mainly on realist painting and drawing. In 2001, she moved to Berlin, Germany where she lived for 12 years. In 2013, she relocated with her family to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Elena has worked on a series of works that are more related to landscape with bright colours and decorative elements, which enters a more playful territory. The dominant theme in these works is the natural world, depicting a romantic view of nature, never far from the influences of civilisation.


Artwork: July 2016 J, gouache on paper. 


If you are visiting Art Kaohsiung this year, come over to Room 210 at City Suites at Kaohsiung Chenai No.1, Dayi St. Yancheng Dist, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. We look forward to meeting you at our show!

However, in case you can't, you can still have a look at our collection at We have a wide range of artworks with different mediums for you to choose if you are interested in collecting or decorating your own living spaces!

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