AsiaHues - An Online Platform for Talented Artists in Asia

AsiaHues - An Online Platform for Talented Artists in Asia

The team behind AsiaHues consists highly experienced gallerists, curators, and art consultants. For many years, their work in the industry has built them a strong reputation with Asia’s artists. Due to this long tenure, they understand very clearly the restrictions of the existing platforms in the arts, particularly of the brick-and-mortar gallery.

With the desire to further expand beyond a physical space, and to increase the exposure of Asia’s finest artists, we created AsiaHues. By being an online gallery, we can help Asian emerging and established artists reach a much wider international audience. At the same time, buyers and collectors can easily get in touch with us for personalised consultations and services. Our straightforward process, and free international shipping ensures quality and transparency. Acquiring art should never be a hassle.

Active in the regional art scene, AsiaHues brings artists to international art fairs, and pop-up shows in creative spaces all over Vietnam and beyond. We are proud to work exclusively with the region’s most exciting contemporary artists, who have produced works to be collected by museums and reputable collections. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be up-to-date on our latest shows and appearances.

P/S: On the other hand, you can also follow Jade - our head curator with many years of experience in curating gallery and art fair exhibitions. She is reputable and has garnered long-term, exclusive partnerships with many of Vietnam and Asia’s most exciting artists. Jade often updated on her Instagram about exhibitions and living spaces filled with art, which can be your daily dose of inspiration!

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